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Celexa: Antidepressant Medication

Celexa was first produced in 1989 by the company Lundbeck under the name Citalopram. When Celexa's patent expired in 2003, other drug manufacturing companies were able to produce its generics.
Currently Celexa can only be prescribed in the treatment of depression. It is however in trials as a possible breast cancer and menopause treatment option.

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Dosage Guide For Celexa: Celexa is taken as a single dose daily and is usually ingested in tablet form. It is advisable to take Celexa with or after food to avoid nausea. Celexa may require at least a couple of weeks continued use before the patient starts to feel the benefits of the drug. This medication can also be prescribed in liquid form. If so, ensure you measure out the correct quantity with a measuring spoon to be accurate.
In order to derive continued benefits from the medication, the patient must not skip a dosage. Over time it is expected that the doctor will gradually reduce the dosage of Celexa. This is necessary as Celexa does cause withdrawal reactions if done too quickly.

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Drug Interaction With Celexa: Celexa has been shown to have minimal interaction with other drugs, making it ideal for use amongst elderly patients and those undertaking more than one course of treatment. However, it is advised that as a physician undertakes to prescribe Celexa, he/she should be informed of all other medications already prescribed. If the patient is taking any other drugs that are boosting the production of serotonin, the doctor must be informed.
Any drugs that would cause drowsiness, increase acidity in the stomach, and any other antidepressants, should also be pointed out.
To reduce the risk of bleeding, patients should stop, or at least inform the doctor, if they are taking blood thinners, aspirin, NSAIDs or antiplatelets.

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Side Effects Of Celexa: By increasing the level of serotonin, hence suppression of dopamine, in the body, Celexa causes lethargy in its patients.
Like most antidepressant medication it also leads to sexual dysfunction for both male and female patients. There is lack of interest and a decline in response to sexual stimulation. It can take years for a patient to recover from this side effect after Celexa has been withdrawn.
Celexa also carries on in breast milk and is ill advised for lactating mothers. Its possible adverse reactions in small children makes it a poor choice for pregnant and breast feeding mothers. If it is deemed necessary that the patient take this medication, then Celexa can be prescribed from the third trimester.
Other possible side effects include nausea, dizziness, headaches, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, seizures, bleeding, cramping, fainting, irregular heartbeat, tremors, bloody stool and urine.
Celexa also causes an increase in suicidal thoughts for patients under the age of 24.Celexa has not proven effective in treatment of paediatric cases, and has in fact shown worsened symptoms in autistic children. Celexa should be avoided as a treatment option for young children.
In high doses, ingestion of Celexa can lead to heart complications. An overdose of Celexa can be fatal hence its prescription and dosage must be monitored carefully.

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